Svea Dental Design

    Founded in 2018, Svea Dental Design (Svea DD) is a futuristic dental laboratory that focuses on the idea of working for the new generation of dental labs by developing digitalization of all traditionally handmade prosthetic constructions. With the philosophy of constantly be at the forefront of dental industry and be a leader in the development of new dental solutions as well as new material choices, Svea DD is equipped with latest digitalized machines like 3D printer and 5-axis milling machine, as well as experienced CAD designers and dental technicians. With Svea DD, customers can get high-precision work in conventional prosthetics, implant prosthetics, prostheses, bite splints and of course individually adapted distances to implants.

     One merit for Svea DD is the application-driven R&D work and collaboration with academia. As a pioneer in exploring the digital dentistry, Svea DD actively participates in renovation of novel dental prostheses and full-digital restoration workflow. Currently Svea DD is the only lab in Europe that offers Self-Glazed Zirconia, an innovation of next-generation zirconia prosthesis developed in Stockholm University, and also deeply involved in developing cloud-based workflow framework. Svea DD also independently invented and produces Svea Aligner for orthodontics.

      Svea DD is willing to share innovation results by offering courses and lectures for all dental professions, as well as collaboration with experts in academia.

Contact Information

      Address: Sveavägen 91, 113 50 Stockholm

      Contact Person: Lily Yikealo, Technical Coordinator

      Phone: +46 8 320821, +46 700924821

      E-mail: [email protected]


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