Prof. Minna Hakkarainen KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Professor Minna Hakkarainen is the Head of the Division of Polymer Technology at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. Her research interest is sustainable polymers including biobased, degradable and/or recyclable polymers from monomers to end-of-life. The degradation of polymers and their interactions with different environments to understand the relationships between structure-environment-degradation is a large research interest. Some current research topics include “design for degradation” and “design for recyclability” For example dynamic covalent chemistry is utilized to design weak or reversible linkages that can facilitate biodegradation or chemical and mechanical recyclability or thermosets. Prof. Hakkarainen has > 200 publications and she is also co-author of textbook: U.W. Gedde, M.S. Hedenqvist, M. Hakkarainen, F. Nilsson, O. Das, Applied Polymer Science, Springer October 2021.

Contact Information

Phone: +46 72 148 6318

E-mail: [email protected]

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