European Society for Ceramic Implantology (ESCI)

General Information


       Kreuzstrasse 2, CH-8802, Kilchberg, Switzerland

Contact Information

       Contact person: Dr. Jens Tartsch, President

       Phone: +41 (0) 44 715 48 77

       E-mail: [email protected]


       Year of foundation: 2018


  • Scope

       In the interest of zirconium dioxide as a material, the dental community and the patients concerned, an independent, non-profit, scientific professional association is needed to represent their interests and to give dental implantology with ceramic implants the acceptance and status it deserves today in general implantology. Up to now, no product-neutral, independent, non-economically oriented and democratically constituted professional association has been available in ceramic implantology. This gap has been closed by European Society for Ceramic Implantology – ESCI, which was founded in 2018 as a scientific and evidence-based interest group for implantology with ceramic implants with headquarters in Switzerland.

       With the European Society for Ceramic Implantology – ESCI, implantology with ceramic implants has for the first time received a strong lobby. A strong community of scientifically recognized and renowned specialists, of interested and motivated members from dental practices and universities, of strong and quality-oriented company partners, as well as of intensive cooperation with other professional societies … all committed to one goal: “The scientific production and dissemination of evidence-based and well-founded knowledge about dental ceramic implants for the benefit of our patients”.


       The establishment of zirconium dioxide as a reliable material in dental implantology


       As a neutral and independent professional association, the ESCI’s goal is to establish dental implants made of ceramic material on a scientific and evidence-based basis as a reliable supplement and as a meaningful extension of the treatment spectrum alongside titanium implants for the benefit of our patients. We stand for this with our values: competence, trust and enthusiasm.


       Dental implantology with ceramic implants is currently one of the fastest growing, most research-intensive and innovative areas in dentistry. These developments have to be carried out and accompanied by the dental profession within the framework of a not-for-profit professional society, as the European Society for Ceramic Implantology – ESCI as a scientific society for dental implantology with ceramic implants operating throughout Europe, will do.

       As a strong community, it creates the link between science and practice, it forms an international network of all groups involved in this field: scientifically recognized, experienced and renowned experts, interested and motivated users from practice and university, as well as competent and quality-oriented manufacturers and research institutes.


  1. Promoting acceptance and trust for ceramic implants through objective, neutral and evidence-based information and communication with users and patients.
  2. Promoting the international exchange of knowledge about ceramic implants.
  3. Supporting quality-oriented development and research in the field of surgical and prosthetic restoration with ceramic implants.
  4. Encouraging and initiate research work on ceramic implants and arrange for publications on this topic.
  5. Promoting further education on the subject of ceramic implants for the benefit of members and interested organizations.
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