Sigrid Therapeutics

    Founded in 2014, Sigrid Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering a new class of therapies to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases. Sigrid’s strategy targets the megatrends of preventive healthcare, increasing incidence of prediabetes and the growing awareness of the risks associated with it. In March 2020, Sigrid was selected by FierceBiotech as Fierce15 - the most promising private life science company, which is the first one in Sweden to receive the award.

    Sigrid’s value proposition for prediabetics is to intervene early to prevent the development of Type 2 Diabete (T2D), with an effective and non-invasive therapy based on engineered food-grade silica with a superior safety profile. Sigrid developed the world’s first blood sugar lowering medical device SiPore15™ to reduce the risk of T2D, which is effective also in newly diagnosed T2D and offers an alternative for those 25-30% of patients, that cannot tolerate the first-line treatment Metformin.

    Sigrid has a R&D team of 8 full-time staff, with 6 PhDs included and a diverse and gendered balanced work environment. The team combines experience and expertise within material chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, business development, management as well as clinical expertise. Sigrid is part of the Karolinska Innovations business incubator DRIVE at Karolinska Institute, while the Company also rents laboratory space at The Department of Molecular Biosciences (MBW), the Wenner-Gren Institute for preclinical work, and Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), Stockholm University for materials development, with long-term collaboration with scientists there as well. The company also has access to an expert network of 150 consultants at affordable rates within patent, legal, clinical trials, regulatory, etc. The Company has 2 patent families, covering the SiPore™ technology (granted in EU, US, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc.) and the SiPore15™ product.

Contact Information

      Address: Fogdevreten 2b, 171 65 Solna, Sweden

      Contact person: Sana Alajmovic, Co-founder & CEO

      Phone: +46 723893396

      E-mail: [email protected]


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