We are a newly established company specializing in the development of circular interior design products with minimal climate impact. Our commitment is to utilize 100% waste materials in our production processes. We are constantly seeking new waste sources that align with our stringent criteria regarding climate impact, scalability, aesthetics, and more. Our primary focus is on materials that are currently undervalued, with an initial emphasis on those from the building and demolition industries, such as concrete, ceramics, and tiles.

Our company's unique positioning lies in the integration of several key aspects:

Sustainability Requirements: We are dedicated to circular solutions that have a minimal climate impact, placing significant emphasis on waste material utilization. We collaborate with advisors experts, and researchers in the fields of circular design and material development.

Design: We partner with reputable designers to transform waste materials into aesthetically pleasing objects. Our goal is to make sustainable choices both preferable and attractive.

Branding: As we have identified a market gap in the lighting segment we will initially focus on decorative lamps and aim to introduce a unique, modern brand. This brand is designed to achieve significant market penetration through strategic PR and communication efforts.

Contact person:  Lovisa Sunnerholm, CEO

 E-mail: lovisa @ enkeilights.com

Homepage: https://www.enkei.world/

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