Episurf Medical

       Founded in 2009, Episurf Medical is a pioneer and industry leader in individualized technology for the treatment of painful joint injuries. With the philosophy of putting the patient in the center of the damage assessment, Episurf offers implant and surgical instrument designed and fit for each individual patient, rather than the common “one size fits all” idea in the industry, by combining advanced 3D imaging technology with latest manufacturing technologies.

       Episurf has three types of individualised knee implants on the market, intended for cartilage lesions forming an early stage of arthritis: Episealer® Condyle Solo, Episealer® Trochlea Solo and Episealer® Femoral Twin. Episurf has further one implant for the ankle on the market, Episealer® Talus, intended for osteochondral lesions of the talar dome of the ankle joint. Further, the company has developed the visualisation tool Epioscopy®, a web-based application based on artificial intelligence (AI), providing an ove Episurf has from the beginning invested in research. As part of the development of Episealer®, four preclinical studies were conducted to ensure that Episurf’s concept would work and to ensure that Episealer® was ready for clinical use. Episurf’s Episealer® implants and Epioscopy® tool are CE-marked and available on the European market. Episurf is currently conducting an IDE clinical study for the Episealer® knee implants for future access to the US market through the PMA route. The company has during the years had a number of collaborations with academia, both in Sweden and other European countries, and there are two PhD theses based on the early Episealer® work.

      The generation of new intellectual property and the continuous maintenance of current IP are of paramount importance for Episurf to ensure that Episurf’s proprietary, existing technologies and future innovations are well protected. In total Episurf has approximately 180 patents and patent applications worldwide, distributed over 20 patent families.

      Episurf Medical’s head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. Its share (EPIS B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Contact Information

       Address: Episurf Medical AB, Karlavägen 60, 114 49 Stockholm

       Contact Person: Katarina Flodström, COO

       Phone: +46 70 7383570

       E-mail: [email protected]

       Homepage: www.episurf.com

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