Introduction to Stockholm Material Hub

Stockholm Material hub started with the support by EU Regional Development Fund (2019). The project is now coordinated and supported by Stockholm University. Stockholm Material Hub (SMH) is an open platform to facilitate collaboration between academia and SMEs in the Stockholm Region for sparking innovation and technological development in the general field of materials research, especially for healthcare, energy and environmental applications. By merging materials research expertise in Stockholm Trio, Stockholm University (SU), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Karolinska Institute (KI), we’d like to offer support to help local SMEs grow so that more advanced materials and technologies originated from Stockholm could better reach a national and global market, as well as contribution to sustainable prosperity and growth in the Stockholm Region.

Corresponding activities of SMH include:

  • Identifying expertise & potentials in SMEs
  • Initiating collaboration in materials expertise among “Stockholm Trio”
  • Introducing research expertise & infrastructure in HEIs to SMEs
  • Collaboration between SMEs and SU (HEIs): need-driven joint research, workshop, knowledge transfer & spin-off companies

As the official website, keeps you updated with all information of SMH, including:

Feel free to contact & join us! We wish you’d find great innovation & collaboration chances in Stockholm Material Hub and

Prof. Jiayin Yuan

Director of Stockholm Material Hub 

Professor, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, 

Stockholm University

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