Welcome to SMH Workshop on Materials for Disinfection

9:00-12:00 am (CET), Mar. 16th, 2021


      A workshop on the topic of materials for disinfection will be held online in the afternoon of Mar. 16th, 2021, with support from Stockholm Material Hub. The aim of this workshop is to 1) Introducing current expertise and infrastructure on disinfection and filtration in SMH; 2) Presenting experience from outside researchers about disinfection and development of techniques for detecting COVID-19 virus in air; 3) Presenting the industrial and sociality demands on disinfection for ventilation system.

      This workshop would be an open webinar with no registration fee required. Welcome to join!


Zoom link:


Meeting room: 660 5670 0519

Password: 20210316



9:00-9:05         Prof. James Shen, Stockholm University

                          Opening speech

9:05-9:35         Prof. Jiayin Yuan, Stockholm University

                          Developing novel materials for surface disinfection of SARS-COV-2 virus

9:35-10:05       Prof. Georgios Sotiriou, Karolinska Institute

                          Aerosol deposition of antimicrobial nanostructured coatings

10:05-10:35     Mrs. Kaihong Wang Hallström, Scaninnov Academy AB

                           High-efficiency air disinfection prevention and control technology

10:35-10:55     Coffee break

10:55-11:25     Prof. Feng Yan, Soochow University (China)

                          Synthesis of poly(ionic liquid)s for antibacterial applications

11:25-11:55     Prof. James Shen, Stockholm University

                          Porous materials for fine filtration of nanoparticles and virus

11:55-12:00     Prof. Jiayin Yuan, Stockholm University

                          Closing remarks


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