SMH is granted and established

On Mar.20, 2020, Tillväxtverket (TVV, “The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth” in English) announced the grant on “Stockholm Material Hub” led by Prof. James Shen, Prof. Aji Mathew and Dr. Mirva Eriksson from Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University, in support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

“The project is judged to be well in line with the focus of the call (Development of the Stockholm Region’s sustainability and competitiveness) and to have a good regional base and relevance to several of the region’s strengths. The project is judged to have added value for the target group, and also builds on the experiences and lessons learned form several related projects,” writes TVV in the decision letter.

Region Stockholm published the news of grant on the same day on its frontpage. The beneficiary, Stockholm University, also announced establishment of SMH in the newsletter with introduction to the idea behind SMH by Prof. James Shen, director of SMH. Prof. Shen was also interviewed by “Kemisk Tidskrift” (“Chemical Journal”, by the Swedish Chemical Society) about the vision of SMH.

SMH plans to finish basic construction work of organization and start activities with SMEs in this autumn.

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