Prof. James Shen has passed away

Our dear colleague Professor Zhijian James Shen, director of SMH, has recently passed away at an age of 59 years. James was associated and employed at Stockholm University and the Department since 1993. We will remember James for his very friendly and care-taking demeanor and for his intelligence and enthusiastic and hard-working attitude. We would like to share our memories of him with his family. If you have photos/pictures or a few sentences of memories please collect them and send them to Mirva Eriksson ([email protected]) and/or Lu Song  ([email protected]).

It's planned that the first 30-45 min of the next workshop, SMH mini-symposium on Protein-material interactions and analytical techniques, will be themed on memorial of James. The workshop is planned to start at 1pm, Jun. 18th, 2021.

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