Workshop: Green energy and materials for a sustainable future

Time: Oct 20th, 13.00-16.35 (CEST) Place: Magnéli Hall, Stockholm University, Svante Arrheniusvägen 16C


Functional materials for energy generation and storage are keys for current society and our sustainable future. It is time to connect experts and share ideas from academia and industry within this field. Materials, devices, challenges, and opportunity related will be discussed in this workshop.


Contact Dr. Miao Zhang ([email protected]) or Asso. Prof. Leopold Ilag ([email protected]) for more information

Free registration:


Workshop Schedule

13:00-13:05: Dr. Miao Zhang, Stockholm University,

Welcome and Opening of the workshop

13:05-13:25: Prof. Dag Noréus, Stockholm University

“A renewed interest for waterbased battery chemistries”

13:25-13:45: Prof. Srinivasan Anand, Royal Institute of Technology

Photonic Structures for Light Manipulation Functions in Solar Cells and Light Emitting Diodes”

13:45-14:05: Prof. Jiantong Li, Royal Institute of Technology

Inkjet printing of Graphene-Based Microsupercapacitors”

14:05-14:20: Coffee break

14:20-14:40: Prof. Erik Berg, Uppsala University

Investigating Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces in Li-ion Batteries”

14:40-15:00: Dr. Yang Shen, Nilar AB

“Sustainability of Nilar’s bi-polar hydride battery”

15:00-15:20: Prof. Muhammet Toprak, Royal Institute of Technology

“Thermoelectric Materials for Wast-heat Harvesting”

15:20 -15:30: Coffee break

15:30-15:50: Sven Böttcher, Supervisor at Property department at the Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten)

“Dramatens energy requirements and challenges”

15:50-16:10: Dr. Esko Niemi, Midsummer

“Midsummer-a producer of Swedish thin film solar panels”

16:10 -16:30: Panel discussions, all speakers

16:30 -16:35: Asso. Prof. Leopold Ilag, Stockholm University,

Concluding remarks

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