Welcome to Online Workshop "Towards characterizing interactions between proteins/cells and materials"


Memorial of Prof. Zhijian James Shen

13:00-17:00 (CEST), Jun. 18th, 2021

      Welcome to our forthcoming workshop on "Towards characterizing interactions between proteins/cells and materials", which will be held in the afternoon of Friday, Jun. 18th, 2021, supported by Stockholm Material Hub. The aim of this workshop is to

      1) Introduce research programs that involve a need for characterizing proteins/cells and explore characterization methods to study protein/cell-materials interactions,

      2) Present advanced facilities and service relevant to this topic.

      At the beginning of this workshop, a 40-min mourning ceremony for Prof. Zhijian James Shen, Professor at Stockholm University and Director of the Stockholm Material Hub who passed away on May 2d, 2021, will be held.

      This workshop would be an open webinar with no registration fee required. Welcome to join!

Zoom Link


Meeting ID: 664 0144 3432

Passcode: 20210618

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