Porous Carbon

      Carbon is of rich-abundance in nature, low cost and appropriate chemical stability, and possesses tunable surface area and multiple structural forms at the atomic level that defines an unusually broad range of physical and chemical properties. As such, carbon materials satisfy diverse applications in our daily life from water treatment, car tires, to modern batteries and other advanced applications.

      The researchers in MMK at Stockholm University are producing carbon materials in various forms to address issues demanded primarily in the energy and environment fields. Both synthetic polymers and biomass are suitable precursors to produce high value-added carbon materials. For example, heteroatom-doped porous carbons may have improved oxidation resistance (see the video of a carbon membrane fired in air at >1000 oC), and serve as electrocatalyst to replace noble metals in fuel cells and electrochemical production of energy fuels. We are also interested in the high temperature pyrolysis of woods and how to produce valuable products from thermal cracking of woods.

      This project is now seeking for industrial collaborators.  For more details please contact Jiayin Yuan ([email protected]).

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