Neonest AB


      Founded in 2012, the Stockholm-based Neonest AB provides a range of high-quality enriched isotopes e.g. in oxide, metal, carbonate chemical forms and enriched isotopic gases. On requests, Neonest produce monoisotopic chemical compounds and different structured forms of enriched isotopes. Neonest operate from Sweden based on web platform. Their customers include companies, research facilities, institutes and universities all around the world (USA, EU, China, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Russia, Japan).

      Neonest has cooperation relationship with Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Lulea University. They are interested in creating joint research projects, part of the successfully developed knowledge and products will be spin-out of the projects in new company.


Contact Information

      Address: Storgatan 70C, Solna, SE-17152, Sweden

      Contact person: Dr. Petr Vasiliev, CEO.

      Phone: +46762199731

      E-mail: [email protected]


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